The Louisiana legislature recently affirmed that medical marijuana would remain the only legally accessible form of marijuana in the state. Many marijuana advocates had hoped that 2023 would be the year when recreational marijuana would finally be legalized. However, now it appears that this will not be the case. Instead, the only way to obtain marijuana products legally is through a THC clinic evaluation in Louisiana. Learn more about the proposed bill that would have set the stage for marijuana legalization in Louisiana with Transformative Health Center.

House Bill 24 Shot Down In Legislature

Leading up to the 2023 Louisiana Legislative Session, Rep. Candace Newell announced plans to lay the groundwork for expanding accessibility within the state. Newell’s legislation aimed to decriminalize marijuana possession and distribution in Louisiana.

One of the likely reasons for the proposed legislation was to avoid problems like those that came with the rise of Delta 8 and Delta 9 products after CBD legalization. Those products became quickly available due to a lack of foresight on the part of lawmakers and vague legislative language. Now, the legislature is scrambling to create new laws to close those loopholes. In addition, the legislation could have addressed existing issues related to prosecution for non-violent marijuana possession and distribution charges. 

“So often in this state we legalize stuff and then it’s two, three years later that we’re trying to play catch up to clean up how the industry wreaked havoc,” Newell told KPLC 7News in a prior interview. “Be proactive, not reactive to anything that may happen.” 

Currently, 22 states have passed legislation regulating recreational marijuana. Legislation similar to HB 24 may be reintroduced in another session. But, for now, the only legal way to obtain marijuana is through an evaluation from a recognized THC clinic in Louisiana.

Changes in Louisiana Marijuana Legislation for 2023

HB 24 was not the only legislation related to marijuana that was discussed during the legislative session. Some new laws were passed which should better protect Louisiana’s medical marijuana patients. Act 473 removes marijuana odor from the reasons why a police officer might search a citizen’s home without a warrant. Additionally, Act 491 allows existing medical marijuana pharmacies to open additional locations within the state after meeting certain criteria. And, Act 651 is intended to prevent discrimination against medical marijuana patients working for the state simply because they test positive for marijuana use.

Searching for a THC Clinic in Louisiana?

While recreational marijuana legislation remains at a standstill in the state, patients can seek a recommendation from a THC clinic in Louisiana. Transformative Health Center evaluates patients to determine whether medical marijuana may be right for them. Right now, new patients can receive one year of recommendations for $150. Returning patients can receive a year of recommendations for $125. And, because patients receive a 100% full refund if they do not receive a recommendation, there’s nothing to lose. Call 225-888-4041 or contact us online to learn more. Live well and transform your health today!