Patients who receive a medical marijuana recommendation in Louisiana could gain protections to safeguard their unemployment benefits after a recent bill narrowly passed the Louisiana House labor committee. The bill has not been signed into law. However, it has cleared initial legal hurdles and could become law if approved by the state legislature and governor. Learn more about this bill and how it could protect medical marijuana patients from losing their unemployment benefits with Transformative Health Center.

What Would House Bill 351 Do for Medical Marijuana Patients?

The original aim of HB 351 was to provide protections for medical marijuana patients in relation to unemployment benefits and workers’ compensation. The bill, introduced by Rep. Mandie Landry (D) of New Orleans, would put safeguards in place for medical marijuana patients. These safeguards would prevent recognized medical marijuana patients from being disqualified from receiving certain employment-related benefits.

However, after discussion, the bill was amended to remove the portion related to workers’ compensation protections. This followed Wayne Fontana of the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry (LABI) expressing caution regarding the bill. Specifically, Fontana was concerned that employees may begin entering the workplace while under the influence.

“Just to make it clear, I was not trying to pass a law that says you can be stoned at work because that’s crazy,” said Landry. But the portion of the bill pertaining to workers’ compensation was ultimately removed. However, the bill did successfully make its way through the Louisiana House labor committee in a 6-5 vote. This means it will move closer to potentially becoming Louisiana law.

How Can I Receive a Medical Marijuana Recommendation in Louisiana?

As Louisiana laws continue to evolve regarding medical marijuana, more Louisianians are exploring whether they may be eligible for a recommendation. If you believe you may have a qualifying medical condition, the first step you should take is to contact a qualified medical provider.

Transformative Health Center examines patients and can provide a medical marijuana recommendation in Louisiana. Our team can assess your needs to determine if medical marijuana would be an appropriate treatment. If they believe it may provide relief, they can issue a recommendation for medical marijuana, allowing you to purchase products from licensed dispensaries. 

These examinations are available virtually to maximize your convenience. Our team also offers renewal evaluations for patients who have received recommendations in the past. And, if you don’t receive a medical marijuana recommendation, you receive a full refund. So, there’s no better time or place to seek a medical marijuana evaluation if you believe it could give you relief.

Transformative Health Center Is Here for You

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