If you’re looking to take advantage of a local medical marijuana program in Louisiana, certain procedures must be followed. Perhaps most importantly, a medical marijuana card renewal is required every year if you want to remain an active participant. What should you know before your renewal appointment? How often is it necessary to renew your card? Are there any changes or updates you need to be aware of while completing the renewal process? Answering these questions is essential to help ensure you don’t have a lapse in your recommendation. Learn about the medical marijuana card renewal process in Louisiana so that you can stay compliant and prevent hassle down the road.

Do You Have to Go Through Medical Marijuana Card Renewal in Louisiana?

Patients with a medical marijuana card or recommendation are required to go through the renewal process. This renewal helps patients access the appropriate medical care for their condition. And, it allows healthcare providers to reassess the patient’s medical needs and adjust treatment plans accordingly. 

In Louisiana, residents are not issued medical marijuana cards. Instead, they must get a recommendation from a licensed provider for their qualifying condition. However, it is still important for patients to renew their recommendations. Renewal helps ensure patients follow legal guidelines and avoid potential legal consequences. Since medical marijuana laws are subject to change, patients must stay informed and comply with any new requirements.

Renewals Are Simple Through Transformative Health Center

At Transformative Health Center, our medical marijuana recommendations are valid for one year. To prevent a lapse in your recommendation, start the renewal process the month before expiration. Simply schedule another appointment at our clinic! We will consult with you to reassess your health conditions and ensure medical marijuana is still a valid option for your needs. Then, we will issue a new one-year recommendation and fax it to your closest medical marijuana dispensary. 

Virtual renewal appointments are available for your convenience. Your appointment fee covers the following:

  • A consultation with our patient education specialist
  • A medical marijuana evaluation by the physician
  • Your medical marijuana recommendation
  • Form processing & management

If your THC physician does not approve you for a recommendation, we will refund your appointment in full.

Take Care of Your Renewal With Our Experts

At Transformative Health Center, patients who are interested in the potential benefits of medical marijuana can receive the highest quality care and advice from experienced professionals. Whether you are a new patient or returning for your medical marijuana card renewal, our Louisiana clinic is ready to help. 

Our knowledgeable professionals provide your initial recommendation or recommendation renewal so you can confidently visit a dispensary knowing your needs are taken care of. Contact Transformative Health Center today at 225-888-4041 or send us a message to ask any questions you have about how medical marijuana may be able to help you reach your health goals.