Medical marijuana is dissolved into a concentrated liquid form of marijuana known as a tincture. The ratios of THC and CBD vary depending on the formulation. Your formulation and its effects will depend on your doctor’s recommendation. The tinctures (concentrated liquid forms of medical cannabis) are in small, 30ml glass jars with a stopper and may be administered orally. This is the quickest route to feel its effects for relief and to allow for accurate dosing.

When the cannabis concentration contains higher levels of CBD, it does not produce a “high”, but provides therapeutic and medicinal benefits.

Medical marijuana/cannabis also contains THC, which is the primary substance for the plant, but also another component that provides therapeutic benefits, but has been reported to create a “high.” There have been reports of patients who consume 1mg and experience a “high” and symptom relief while another can consume more than 1700 mg and simply achieve relief.

According to John Davis, president of GB Sciences Louisiana, the company hired by LSU to grow the medical marijuana plant, there are three formulations of the medical marijuana. One formulation has a higher concentration of THC which has produced a high effect in some people. The other has a higher concentration of CBD and doesn’t have a psychoactive effect, will not make you “high” and provides relief for epilepsy, seizure disorder and forms of autism spectrum disorder. Another form contains a balanced formulation of CBD & THC and is usually recommended to patients with intractable pain, multiple sclerosis and muscular dystrophy.