Muscle spasms are common among athletes, older and overweight people. Some diseases and disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) can cause excruciating muscle spasms. Charlie horse is a muscle spasm that can cause cramps in any part of the body but mainly occurs in the legs. 

 Over the years, people used traditional prescriptions to treat the disease but have recently begun adding medical cannabis as additional support for their treatment.

Cannabis is a natural drug that has become popular and effective in treating several diseases. Because of that, some countries and states have legalized marijuana for medical use.

What Causes Muscle Spasms

There are several causes of muscle spasms; here are some of the most common causes: 

  • Dehydration: When the body is not adequately hydrated, the level of minerals in the muscles changes, and as a result, you are likely to experience muscle cramps. 
  • Pregnancy: Minerals such as magnesium and calcium decrease during the last months of pregnancy. It can cause muscle cramps and inflammation, especially in the legs.  
  • Side Effect: Some prescription drugs can cause cramps as a side effect which can develop muscle spasms. 
  • Certain medical conditions: Diseases such as high blood pressure, liver disease, thyroid disease, Multiple Sclerosis  and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis increase the chances of getting muscle cramps. 
  • Injury/ too much exercise: Most athletes suffer from excessive muscle strain during competitions or training. The muscle strain can lead to chronic cramps. 

Other causes of muscle spasms include:

  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Chronic Pain
  • Poor blood circulation
  • Head/ spinal cord injury
  • Obesity

How Cannabis Helps 

Cannabis has multiple components that may potentially treat various diseases. The psychoactive ingredient Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol  (THC) is responsible for reducing inflammation which is the primary cause of muscle spasms. The endocannabinoid system is activated when inflammation occurs, and the components endocannabinoid and anandamide (AEA) may potentially protect the neurons from further inflammatory damages.

The use of cannabis for muscle spasms depends on the cramps and the strain of the cannabis. Topical marijuana is the best; it could possibly  numbs the spasm and contracts the muscles.

Cannabis also possibly help the immune system alert and respond faster to muscle injuries by activating the white blood cells, which heal. 

Popular Cannabis Strains for Muscle Spasms

Over 300 strains of cannabis may possibly reduce muscle spasms, and each has a unique effect. The Indica strain is the best because of its relaxing property that may relieve muscle cramps. 

  1. Redwood Kush: This is a pure indica strain known for its anti-inflammatory properties. 
  2. Green Candy: The Green Candy strain has a sweet earthy pine flavor and combines Green Crack and Candy Kush. It is a hybrid strain potentially effective for treating muscle spasms and nausea.
  3. Head Cheese: It is a hybrid strain that includes UK cheese and 707 Headband with a high THC content which causes psychoactive effects. As the name suggests, it has a cheesy flavor.
  4. Snoop Dogg: The strain was named after the famous rapper Snoop Dogg. An indica strain potentially reduces muscle pain and muscle spasms and may leave your body feeling relaxed.

Other strains of cannabis that may help reduce muscle spasms include:

  • Gumbo
  • Holland’s Hope
  • Death Bubba
  • Dairy Queen
  • Cream caramel
  • White widow
  • Blue Dream

Your doctor should recommend the best strain for your type of spasm. 

Is Cannabis Safe?

Medical cannabis may be potentially supportive for the treatment of muscle spasms. The potential side effects are potentially minimal compared to other types of medication. Prescription drugs for muscle spasms such as Cyclobenzaprine, Tizanidine, and Baclofen can cause severe side effects. 

If you are suffering from chronic pain and looking for alternative ways to reduce muscle spasms, then cannabis might be the perfect support for you. Please fill out the form below to further assist and direct any questions to our team. 

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