Cannabis is growing in popularity across the globe. But only a few understand its potential for medicinal uses. CBD, one of the most important compounds found in marijuana, can impact numerous brain functions positively without making you high thanks to the absence of the active compound THC.

If you have been using other prescribed medications that have proven ineffective so far, it may be time to try cannabis products. Here are some of the potential health benefits you should know.

10 Benefits of Cannabis

1. May Offer Pain Relief

Pain that comes with numerous chronic medical conditions can be unbearable. Medical marijuana may help you with that. Whether it’s chronic back pain, migraines, or pain from cancer treatment, CBD properties could potentially help you relieve it. Plus, the FDA approved the use of cannabinoid medications for relieving symptoms from chemotherapy.

Plus, a recent study shows that medical marijuana could help people with multiple sclerosis ease pain. That’s because marijuana potentially works to stop muscle spasms and adverse neurological effects.

2. Could Assist in Controlling Epileptic Seizure

A study by Robert J. DeLorenzo showed that THC properties could possibly help control epileptic seizures. Although more studies and research should still be done, his results showed promise. This was possible due to the properties of THC that may help to regulate relaxation and control excitability.

3. May Decrease Anxiety

A study by Harvard University shows that cannabis may reduce anxiety by acting as a sedative in low doses and possibly improving the smoker’s mood. Plus, if you use CBD products like tincture oils, you can add them to your tea or food for a potentially pleasant effect. However, high doses may have just the opposite result.

4. Has the Potential to Help with PTSD Symptoms

A lot of veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress may find this potential health benefit of marijuana helpful. CBD may help regulate anxiety and fear and may even be able to reduce nightmares by possibly disturbing the last stages of REM sleep. Interestingly, these stages are when nightmares occur. This could make marijuana a better sleep aid than other forms of medications.

5. Could Support the Treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

You could also benefit from CBD if you have illnesses like ulcerative colitis. A 2010 study shows that CBD and THC have chemicals that may play an essential role in the immune system and gut function. Plus, plant-derived CBD blocks cannabinoids made by your body, preventing permeability which could help to stop bacterial entry.

6. May Help to Alleviate Chemotherapy Side Effects

Using CBD after chemotherapy could possibly be useful in alleviating the negative side effects of the treatment. Patients often experience symptoms of nausea, neuropathic pain, vomiting, and more. Due to the potentially anti-inflammatory qualities of CBD, it could help to give patients some relief from sour stomach and nerve pain.

7. Could Possibly Prevent or Regulate Diabetes

CBD has the potential to have an impressive impact on insulin, even possibly helping to stabilize your sugar levels and improve blood circulation. Plus, it may also be useful in lowering blood pressure. That may undoubtedly be good news for anyone with a family history of diabetes.

8. May Aid in the Fight Against Depression

Depression affects a majority of the population. It can be difficult and sometimes too late to note that you or a loved one suffer from depression. The good news is that the endocannabinoid compounds found in marijuana may help ease depression and potentially significantly improve your moods.

9. Could Support the Healing of Broken Bones

If you are looking for a quicker way to mend broken bones, then CBD could possibly be helpful. It may be able to aid with healing and strengthening bones faster than other medications. Plus, CBD can potentially make it difficult for your bones to break in the future (but they are still breakable; be careful).

10. May Helps with ADHD and ADD

ADHD and ADD make it almost impossible to focus on simple tasks for a long time. On top of concentration, people with these conditions have issues with cognitive performance. While medications are usually sufficient, the side effects can be significant. But CBD may help to improve your attention span without all the side effects that come with Ritalin and Adderall. That would explain why people might turn to CBD to deal with absentmindedness.

Final Thoughts

Cannabis has numerous possible benefits that can’t possibly fit in this article. Although much research and studies are still underway, you cannot ignore this drug’s medical potential. You can find a CBD product that may work for you and enjoy these benefits as well. Get in touch with Transformative Health with any questions or concerns.


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